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Davis Financial Services as well as advising on the life cover you may require. We research the market for the most competitive and suitable provider and plan for your needs. As we deal with all providers of protection on the Irish market, this removes the necessity for you to “shop around” or take the first option offered. You can have confidence that the options offered by us are both suitable to your needs and cost effective.

The area of providing you and your family with security and peace of mind is a very important part of our financial planning process to our clients. We deal with every client individually to ensure that they have a plan that suits their particular circumstances.

The added advantage of dealing with Davis Financial Services is that once we have a strategy in place to protect your income and/or the future security of your family we will then research the market for the most suitable plan to meet your individual circumstances. When it comes to price we can, in lots of cases, have your preferred provider match the price of a cheaper competitor. This is particularly important when it comes to serious illness and income protection as there may be the opportunity to have additional benefits on a more expensive plan for a lower monthly premium. It also means that you will not have to do the research because we will provide you with all comparisons.

Factors Affecting Life Cover
  • Level of cover you require
  • Your age
  • Smoker status
  • Health issues
  • Length or term of cover
What is Life Cover?

Life Cover pays out a tax free lump sum in the event of death. It is very important to have adequate life insurance cover in place to provide for your family in the event of your untimely death.

What is 50+ Easy Life Cover?

50+ Easy Life Cover could give your love ones a guaranteed lump sum when you die. It can be used to help to pay funeral expenses, or perhaps to cover any loans or bills you might still have when you die. It is a single-life plan that pays out a guaranteed lump sum when you die (after two years, unless it was due to an accident). The lump sum is guaranteed, as long as you have paid your regular payments until the date of your death or until your 90th birthday. Your regular payments stop at age 90. Anyone aged 50 to 80 who is living in the Republic of Ireland can apply for 50+ Easy Life Cover and you won’t be asked any medical questions when you apply.

What is Serious Illness Cover?

As its name implies Serious Illness Cover is a policy that will pay out in the event of you getting a serious illness. This is also known as “Critical Illness Cover” and more technically as “Specified Illness Cover” because there is typically a specific list of illnesses and conditions that are covered, such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, organ failure and loss of hearing, speech or sight, etc. This is not an exhaustive list, so please contact us for a more detailed list of conditions covered.

What is Income Protection?

Income protection provides you with a replacement income if you cannot work as a result of an illness or injury after a certain period of time. You can take out income protection if you are in full-time work or are self-employed and earn an income. It protects you only in these circumstances – it will not be paid if you become unemployed. We will take great care in analysing your particular circumstances and to provide advice on how much cover you need to protect your family’s future. We can research the market and recommend the company that provides the best cover to suit your individual circumstances.

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Financial Tip: Life assurance costs have reduced over last number of years. We may be able to save you money on your existing life cover or mortgage protection policy so contact us if you have a life policy, especially one whereby the premium is due to increase shortly e.g. a Whole of Life policy.